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Thank you for checking out Airtight Inflatables' Boats

We hand build all our boats from the best materials available in a small shop located in the Confluence, Pennsylvania. Though we work as efficiently as we can, we typically have a small backlog on availability for our boats. If you are interested in purchasing one of our boats or have any questions about our products please contact us by sending a message, calling on the phone (724-329-8668), or go old fashioned and stop by the shop. Thanks for considering to help us keep quality boat building alive and thriving right here in Appalachia. 


The traditional Shredder is the ultimate whitewater craft for one or two paddlers. The Shredder comes in three different models to match your boat to your specific needs. Please check out the information about each below and contact us to discuss and alterations you may want/need as we enjoy making sure people get the right boat for them the first time.

All Shredders come "ready to paddle" with 2 foot stirrups, 7 rope D-rings, 4 handles, and polypropylene ropes on each side (and one for tying it rolled up)

Pricing on all two-man Shredder models is $3,300 cash or check or $3,450 on a card to cover our card processing fees (you save on us not having to spend money). This price will be honored on all confirmed orders after October 1st, 2022 until further notice.

Please note: We do not take deposits on two-person models, you must contact us to add onto our production list and we will contact you about 2-3 weeks from having a boat ready to ship to finalize the details of your boat and arrange payment in full at that time. Our production backlog does vary but rarely exceeds 6 months, the traditionally best times to order a boat are in the fall for delivery by the spring or early spring for delivery in the summer.


Rockers are the most responsive catarafts on the market. The continuous rocker profile of the pontoons creates the feel and maneuverability of a hard boat with the stability of a raft giving experienced river runners the ability to introduce novice friends to the water with confidence. We recommend this model if your primary use will be class 3 or greater whitewater. Suggested maximum capacity 400 lbs.

Overall Length: 12 feet
Width: ~5 feet, 2 inches

Maximum Pontoon diameter: 20 inches

Typical weight: 47-49 lbs.



The Big Rocker features the same rocker profile as the regular Rocker Shredder with a larger main tube and 2 extra inches of width in the thwarts for longer leg comfort or room for more gear. The continuous rocker profile creates the feel and maneuverability of a hard boat with the stability of a raft giving experienced river runners the ability to introduce novice friends to the water with confidence. We recommend this model if you're primary use will be in class 3 or greater whitewater and would like to carry more than 400 lbs on a regular basis.

Overall Length: 12 feet
Width: ~5 feet, 4 inches

Maximum Pontoon diameter: 22 inches

Typical weight: 50-52 lbs.



The Straight Shredder is our original versatile design. The continuous tube diameter makes this model more stable end to end making it a good choice if you want to carry lots of gear, add a motor, or value tracking and speed over maneuverability. We recommend this model if your primary use will be paddling calmer waters, adding a motor, or using the boat in a rental or livery fleet.

Overall Length: 12 feet
Width: ~5 feet, 2 inches

Pontoon diameter: 20 inches

Typical weight: 48-50 lbs.

Custom Order Boats

We have the capabilities to customize your Shredder or build one of several other boat designs. Please check out the boats below and contact us for pricing and availability on custom orders. 


Note: All custom orders we will require a non-refundable 50% deposit before we begin work on these products.



The 4-Man Shredder is an expansion of our shredder line to carry more people or provide a larger stable platform for fishing or attaching a rowing frame. Our 4-Man models are custom order only and available in either a straight or rockered tube profile to meet your personal needs. 4-Man Shredders are considered custom orders and can be adapted to your needs. Please call or message the shop to get more info. As this is a custom order we do require a minimum 50% Deposit to begin production and delivery times are often 6-8 weeks from deposit.

Overall Length: 14 feet
Maximum Pontoon diameter: 24 inches
Typical weight: 68-70 lbs.


Possible but not probable. We are capable of building a replica of Tom's iconic "This Boat", though it is not our goal to bring these into mass production due to excessive material costs to keep his original designs intact. Visit in person to discuss as we'll likely suggest you buy another American manufactured product over the This Boat for most people's circumstances.

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