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Airtight Inflatables

Home of the one and only SHREDDER

The Original Frameless Cataraft

Airtight Inflatables was founded as a raft repair shop by Tom Love in Ohiopyle, PA. The company quickly expanded to building high quality inflatables. After building an all inflatable cataraft in 1986 to serve as a video boat on the Tully River in Australia, the now famous Shredder was born. To this day, Airtight Inflatables continues the tradition of hand crafting high quality inflatables using U.S. sourced materials in the heart of Appalachia.

We hope you enjoy these boats as much as we love building them.

- Dani and Travis

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Airtight Inflatables was founded in Ohiopyle, PA by Tom Love as a raft repair business that quickly began building high quality rafts as Tom noticed issues from his raft repairs and incorporated improvements into his own raft designs. Tom was commissioned to build cataraft tubes for a video boater headed to the Tully River in Australia and when it became apparent the frame for the tubes he had already built was not going to materialize, Tom decided to add some inflatable cross tubes and just put it together in a manner that "seemed right". This revelation spawned the now famous Shredder, the original frameless cataraft. Over the next few years this great boat started gathering a following and is now so well know that our name is synonymous with all catarafts. Though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we still feel the Shredder is the best cataraft on the market and we still build them in the Youghiogheny River Valley in Confluence, PA out of the best materials available. Though Tom has since passed away, a pair of his former employees, Dani and Travis do their best to keep his legacy of the original and greatest cataraft alive along side of the enormous Shredder Family he has grown since the first Shredder was built in 1986.

Dani and Travis had a combined 34 years of Shredder building experience when they took over ownership of Airtight Inflatables in the spring of 2020. We have done our best to maintain the values of a quality built American product for a fair price that Tom founded Airtight on all those years ago. The big change we made is what you're looking at now, an easier way to both contact us and get your hands on the one and only Shredder.

Thanks for past and continued support of Airtight Inflatables and American manufacturing,

Danielle Glover and Travis Cowles


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Thanks for checking out Airtight Inflatables. We do our best to provide the finest products available and will do our best answer any questions you have about our products or our company.


Please note many questions may be answered already in the FAQ section of our site. Please feel free to contact us through a phone call as we can answer most questions faster and easier through a conversation directly with our builders.


If you'd like to send us a digital message, please fill out the contact form here and we will typically reply by the next business day.


Phone: 724-329-8668

Address: 711 Williams St. Confluence, PA 15424

Shredder Family

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